Governed By The People

 The Co-Op is member-owned and governed by an elected board.



  1. Angela Reh – President

    1. Finance Committe
    2. Membership Outreach Committee
  2. Gaby Carstens – Vice President

    1. Personnel Commitee
    2. Membership Outreach Comittee
  3. Ruth Heavener – Secretary

    1. Personnel Commitee
    2. Membership Outreach Commitee
  4. Robert O’Connor

    1. Personnel Committee
    2. Membership Outreach Committee
  5. Tia Johnson – Employee Representitive

    1. Management Team
    2. Membership Outreach Commitee
  6. Amanda Marple

    1. Grant Writer
    2. Membership Outreach Comitte
  7. Devin Diehl – Treasurer

    1. Finance Commitee
    2. Membership Outreach Committee
  8. Mela Taylor

    1. Finance Comitte
    2. Membership Outreach Committee
  9. OPEN

Mountain People’s Co-Op Bylaws 

The responsibilities of the board consist of the following:

  • Provide overall direction for the co-op on behalf of the membership.

  • Ensure sound management of the co-op through the hiring and evaluation of a general manager.

  • Establish organizational policies that are consistent with the bylaws and the nationally recognized cooperative principles.

  • Establish systems for informing members of co-op business and allowing them to provide input into plans. present progress reports at manager meetings.

  • Create any committees as may be necessary to carry out the goals of the co-op.

  • Sign legal documents as necessary to facilitate co-op business.

The board of director elections take place every year in the spring. Any member of the Co-Op may run for an open seat on the board.

If you are interested in serving on any of the board committees there are opportunities to do so, please get in touch by contacting us at

updated February 2018


Adopted Minutes:

January 2018

February 2018

March 2018

April 2018