Want to get involved?

Join us in shaping the future of Mountain People's Co-op!

October is a great time to become a member of Mountain People's Co-op!

Did you know that October is National Co-op Month? Stop by the store between Saturday, October 9 and the end of the month to learn more about cooperatives in general and Mountain People's Co-op in particular, as well as some of the co-ops included among our vendors.

And there's one more reason why now is the perfect time to become a member of Mountain People's Co-op: We'll be having a membership meeting on Monday, October 25 via Zoom, followed by the election of directors to our governing board. Voting will occur in the two weeks following the meeting, and can be done electronically or in person in the store. The term for elected board members will begin on December 6, the date of our scheduled board meeting. Become a member soon to vote in the election or even run for the board. In either case, you'll have a voice in determining the future direction of our co-op. We need your engagement and support as we examine how to move the co-op toward increased stability, with a renewed focus on how we can serve the community.

If you'd like to become a member today, you can do that by visiting the store or by selecting and purchasing a membership here: Purchase a Membership

You can nominate a member (or self-nominate) by visiting us at the store or by completing the survey here: Nomination Survey