Expectations and Precautions



Monday: In-Store Shopping + Curbside Pickup 10AM-6PM
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: In-Store Shopping + Curbside Pickup 10AM-6PM
Thursday: In-Store Shopping + Curbside Pickup 10PM-6PM
Friday: In-Store Shopping + Curbside Pickup 10AM-6PM
Saturday: In-Store Shopping + Curbside Pickup 10AM-6PM
Sunday: Closed

In-Store Shopping Expectations

Appropriate, properly worn face coverings will be required inside of the building at all times until further notice. A maximum of five shoppers will be permitted in the store at once so as to allow for social distancing. Our team will possess broad discretion to lower that limit temporarily and to turn away any visitors who demonstrate an unwillingness to comply with mask, distancing, or other requirements.

Our cafe seating area won't be open just yet, but we are exploring the possibility of creating an outdoor seating area in the near future. We are also working with a local partner to develop a plan for delivery services.

If you have any questions about our first phase of reopening, please email or call the store. Thank you for your patience during these months of continued restrictions. We appreciate all of our members and customers, and we are looking forward to catching up in person soon!

The Co-Op Team