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Weatherbury Farm

Weatherbury Farm is a family owned and operated sustainable farm located in the rolling hills of southwestern Pennsylvania. The flours they offer include stone-milled spelt, buckwheat, and hard and soft winter wheat. Each month they mill only the grains they grow, and are one of only a handful of farms in the USA that operate that way.

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Garrett Growers

Garrett Growers is a small group of fresh produce farmers, working together to provide fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers, and more to neighbors through restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, catering events, and more!

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Redrange Farm

Preserving our agricultural legacy through heirloom produce, heritage breed livestock, and sustainable agriculture; Redrange Farm is preserving the land, air, water and biodiversity for future generations.

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Gritts Midway Greenhouse

Gritt's Midway Greenhouse has been serving our community for over 70 years. They carry large varieties of blooming flowers throughout the year. Currently, they are supplying to Florists throughout West Virginia, and parts of Ohio and Kentucky. And don't forget about the hydroponic tomatoes! They also have been supplying them to Kroger since 1994.

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Burlap & Barrel Single Origin Spices

Burlap and Barrel gets exceptional single origin spices directly from farmers and foragers around the world and brings them to professional and home chefs in the United States.

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Wild Alaskan Salmon and Seafood Co

The only company that is 100% fisherman owned and operated from catch to process to you. No annoying subscriptions required. Do you know who caught your dinner?

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J & L Naturals

All natural made products with essential oils without artificial fragrance or dyes. Treat yourself and your family the right way!

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Country Roads Cannabis

Country Roads Cannabis is a family owned and operated business, founded by a father and his two sons in 2016. They pride themselves on being a true seed to shelf business offering artisan hemp & CBD products. Sourcing their own seeds to grow high quality hemp on their family farm here in Morgantown, WV. All raw materials and final products are third party lab tested for potency and purity to exceed industry standards.

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High Country Creamery & Market

High Country Creamery and Market pride themselves in providing our customers and the community with farm fresh items. Not only in their local artisan cow cheese, but also in the ingredients at their "Farmer's Table" eatery and the products available for purchase in our Market.

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Full Circle Fungi

Small mushroom grower with fresh mushrooms, including shiitake and oyster varieties. Mushroom kits also available for grow-at-home freshness.

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Round Right Farm

Round Right Farm is owned and operated by Steve & Sunshine Vortigern. Their farm is located near Cranesville, WV. They're proud to be a part of the local food movement, and to be living in such a beautiful corner of West Virginia!

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Micro Genesis

Providing the best microgreens, shoots, and specialty greens for the worlds best chefs. Located in Morgantown, WV.

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Weatherbury farm

Weatherbury Farm is a family owned and operated sustainable farm located in the rolling hills of southwestern Pennsylvania. Grass-fed beef and lamb are raised for sale directly to the consumer. Certified organic grains (soft & hard wheat, oats, spelt, open-pollinated corn, rye, emmer and einkorn) are also grown on the farm.

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New Roots Community Farm

The New Roots Community Farm is an invitation to the community to create a vibrant, just, and equitable local food system located in Fayetteville, WV.

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Mountain Harvest Farm

Mountain Harvest Farm LLC is committed to producing quality naturally-grown vegetables. Whether you are a family seeking a CSA member share or a restaurant looking for a consistent supply of fresh local food, they offer the quality and supply that you need with that local Mountain Harvest freshness.

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Sprouting Farms

Sprouting Farms supports new farmers, works to launch farm businesses, jumpstart wholesale market channels, and encourage farm and business sustainability.

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Beautiful plants, green onions, and lettuce from Briar Rabbit Farm in Fairmont.

Hernshaw Farms

A small mushroom farm located in WV's mushroom capital Hernshaw, WV. They aim to create year round employment and turn #mineland2farmland!

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Refresh Appalachia

Refresh Appalachia is a workforce development initiative for beginning farmers in southern West Virginia and central Appalachia.

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Cress Farm

Produce from Kingwood, WV.

Sickler Farm

A 140 acre farm in north central West Virginia. They grow spring flowers, vegetable starts, mums and pumpkins. They also operate five high tunnels and a greenhouse. They offer hay rides and pumpkins, and farm fun in the fall. They also welcome on-farm visits. 

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Maryland Line Farm

Price Plantations

Charm farm



All Vegan bakery 137 Pleasant Street Morgantown, West Virginia. Offering sweet treats and tasty eats! Mini cakes, cookies, muffins, pies, bagels, "pepperoni" rolls, wraps, soups and more. Gluten Free items are always available. Special orders are welcome. You can always purchase our fresh baked goods at Mountain People's Co-op in downtown Morgantown, WV.

Feel Good About What You Buy

When you shop at Mountain People’s Co-op, know that you are supporting ethical, sustainable, and resilient practices. We support small operation family farms, so you can feel good knowing where the food you eat comes from.