Community Connections

Community Connections

At Mountain People’s Co-op, we aren’t just a resource for our community — we are part of our community, owned and democratically controlled by our members, which means we know our region and its needs. 

Since we planted our roots here in 1975, an authentic and diverse community has grown up around the co-op, and that community continues to expand and evolve along with our vision. It consists of our member-owners and other regular customers, present and former store employees, vendors ranging from artists and makers to farmers and bakers, and a wide variety of other community partners including university professors and student volunteers, nonprofit partners, city leaders who care about downtown businesses, bankers who invest in our future, and more. 

At Mountain People’s Co-op, we strive to make a personal connection with each customer so that we’re able to make personalized recommendations based on their preferences. We strive to work with our vendors in a way that maximizes their success, as well as our own. And we strive to participate in the broader community in a way that emphasizes cooperation, communication, and trust. 

We carry high-quality products that are closely aligned with our customers’ needs, our mission, and our ethical standards. But we’re so much more than our products, and that’s what really sets us apart from other grocery stores. Every member equity investment, every customer purchase, and every order we place with our local and regional vendors strengthens our region’s economy, supports local jobs, and allows us to continue weaving essential community connections.

We couldn’t do this work alone, and we wouldn’t want to. Our existence is made possible because our member-owners and other regular customers invest in the co-op, as well as in our whole community network. Each relationship we’ve formed over nearly half a century has helped us get to where we are today, and with the continued support of our co-op community, we can continue expanding our efforts and impacts in the years to come.