About the Co-op

IMG-2386Since 1975, Mountain People’s Co-op (known to locals as simply “The Co-op”) has offered residents of Morgantown an unparalleled range of natural, organic, fair trade and local products that can’t be found at big chain stores. With a great selection of bulk items and a membership program that’s inexpensive and easy to take part in the Co-op is a unique resource in our area. What started as a buying club is now a full-service grocery store, open to everyone and enjoyed by members and non-members alike.

Unlike the big chain stores that you shop at, you get a personalized shopping experience. We get to know you. We help you find what you are looking for. Proud to be community owned and operated. Please visit our Governed by the People page for information about the board of directors, and how The Co-Op operates.


  1. Groceries

  2. Beverages

  3. Household Goods

  4. Dairy

  5. Refrigerated Foods

  6. Frozen Food

  7. Bulk Food

  8. Bread

  9. Coffee

  10. Produce

  11. Herbs/Spices

  12. Personal Care

  13. Supplements

  14. Meat

  15. Boutique

  16. Books

  17. Deli