Bulk Herbs & Spices

We offer over 150 different kinds of herbs and spices. From your normal everyday salt, peppers, and cinnmon to your less common juniper berries, adobo seasoning, and marshmallow root. We have it all, and if we don’t, we do our best to procure it for you.


It’s simple really, if you are tired of spending $7.00 every time you need a teaspoon of clove powder for pumpkin pie this is where you need to be. If you need a teaspoon of something, get a teaspoon of it. It will cost a lot less, and will leave you with much fresher herbs and spices in your cupboard.


PLUS, you can bring in your own spice jar to fill up! All you have to do is get it weighed at the register before you fill it up. It’s really that simple.

Below is a list of our bulk Herbs&Spices. Please keep in mind that the availability of any of these products is not guaranteed. Feel free to call the store to make sure something is in stock or for prices as they can fluctuate.

Adobo Seasoning
Agar Agar

Alfalfa Seeds

 Allspice Berry, Organic
 Allspice Powder,Organic
 Ancho Chili Peppers
 Angelica Root, cut, Organic
 Anise Seed, Organic
 Star Anise Whole, Organic
 Ashwagandha root, powder
 Astragalus root, powder, Organic
 Astragalus root, sliced, Organic
 Bac’uns, Organic
 Baking Powder
 Baking Soda
 Basil leaf, sweet, cut Organic
 Bay Leaf, Organic
 Bee pollen
 Beeswax Beads
 Beet powder, Organic
 Bentonite Clay powder
 Berbere seasoning, Organic

Black Seed, whole

 Black Walnut Hulls powder
 Blue Cohosh Root, cut
 Broth Powder, Chicken, Organic, Vegetarian
 Broth Powder, Vegetable, Organic
 Burdock Root, cut, Organic
 Buttermilk blend powder
 Cajun seasoning, Organic
 Calendula Flower Petals, Organic
 Caraway Seed, whole, Organic
 Cardamon Pods, whole, green, Organic
 Cardamon Seed, powder, Organic
 Cardamon Seed, Organic

Carob Powder, medium roast

 Cat’s Claw Bark, cut
 Catnip leaf & flower, c/s, Organic
 Cayenne, ground, 30,000 H.U. Organic
 Cayenne, ground, 90,000 H.U.
 Celery Salt

Celery Seed, Organic

 Chamomile flowers, German, Organic
 Chaste Tree Berry, Organic
 Chicory Root Granules, roasted, Og
 Chili pepper flakes, red
 Chili powder
 Chili powder, blend, Og
 Chili powder, fiesta
 Chipotle chili peppers, ground
 Chives, cut, Organic
 Cilantro leaf, cut, Organic
 Cinnamon Chips, Og
 Cinnamon powder, Ceylon, Organic, FT
 Cinnamon powder,  3%, Organic
 Cinnamon powder, Vietnamese, Organic
 Cinnamon Sticks, Organic
 Cinnamon Sticks, Vietnamese, Organic
 Citric Acid
 Cloves powder, Organic
 Cloves, whole, Organic

Cocoa Mix, Equal Exchange

 Comfrey leaf, cut, Organic
 Comfrey root, cut, Organic
 Coriander seed, powder, Organic
 Coriander seed, whole, Organic
 Cornstarch, Organic
 Cramp Bark, cut
 Cream of Tartar
 Cumin Seed, powder, Organic
 Cumin Seed, whole, Organic
 Curry powder, Organic
 Curry, Muchi

Curry, Thai blend

 Damiana leaf, cut
 Dandelion Root, cut, Organic
 Dill Seed, whole, Organic
 Dill Weed, cut, Organic
 Dulse, c/s, Flakes
 Echinacea Purpurea Herb, cut, Organic

Echinacea Purpurea, root cut&sifted

 Elder European Berries, Organic
 Elder Flowers
 Eleuthero Root powder, Organic
 Eucalyptus Leaf, cut, Organic
 Fennel seed, ground, Organic
 Fennel seed, whole, Organic
 Fenugreek seed, Organic
 Five spice powder
 Fo-ti Root, powder, cured
 French green clay
 French white clay powder
 Garam Masala, Organic
 Garlic Minced, Organic
 Garlic granules, Organic
 Garlic powder, Organic

Garlic Sat, Organic

 Ginger root, cut, Organic
 Ginger root, powder, Organic
 Ginkgo Leaf, cut, Organic
 Goldenseal root, powdered
 Gotu Kola herb, cut, Organic
 Grains of Paradise
Gravel Root
 Gumbo file
 Hawthorn berries, Organic
 Hawthorn leaf & flower, cut, Organic
 Herbal seasoning
 Herbs de Provence, Organic
 Hibiscus flowers, cut, Organic
 Holy Basil, Organic

Hops, Flower Whole

 Horsetail herb, cut, Organic
 Hyssop Herb, cut, Organic
 Italian seasoning, Organic
 Juniper Berries
 Lavender Flowers

Lavender Flowers, Organic

 Lemon Balm Leaf, cut, Organic
 Lemongrass, cut, Organic
 Lemon Peel, granules, Organic
 Lemon Verbena Organic
 Licorice Sticks
 Linden Flowers
 Marjoram Leaf, Organic
 Marshmallow Root, cut, Organic
 Mesquite Seasoning
 Milk Thistle Seed, Organic
 Mugwort herb, cut, Organic
 Mullein Leaf, cut, Organic
 Mustard Seed, brown, whole, Organic
 Mustard Seed, yellow, whole, Organic
 Mustard seed, powder, hot, Oriental
 Mustard seed, powder, yellow, Organic

Neem Leaf Powder

 Nettle leaf, cut, Organic
 Nutmeg, powder, Organic, Fair trade
 Nutmeg, whole, Organic, Fair trade
 Oatstraw, green tops, cut , Organic
 Onion flakes, Organic
 Onion, granules, Organic
 Onion Powder, Organic
Orange Peel, Bitter

Orange peel, granules, Organic

 Oregon Grape Root, cut
 Oregano Leaf, cut, Mediteranean, Organic
 Oregano Leaf, cut, Mexican
 Paprika, Hungarian, powder
 Paprika, Spanish, ground, smoked
 Paprika, Smoked, Og
 Parsley leaf, flakes, Organic
 Passion flower herb, cut
 Pau d’ Arco bark, cut
 Pepper, black, med grind, Organic
 Pepper, white, powder, fine grind, Og, FT
 Peppercorns, black, whole, Organic, Fair Trade
 Peppercorns, gourmet blend
 Peppercorns, white, Organic
Pepper, veggie, Organic

Peppermint, c/s, Organic

 Pickling Spice, Organic
 Pizza seasoning, Organic
Poppy Seeds

Poultry seasoning, Organic

 Psyllium Seed, Organic
 Psyllium Seed, powder, Organic
 Pumpkin Pie Spice
 Red Raspberry leaf, c/s, Organic
 Rosehips, Organic
 Rosemary leaf, whole, Organic
 Sage, leaf, powder Organic
 Sage, rubbed, Organic
 Sarsaparilla root, Indian, cut
 Sassafras root bark, cut
 Saw Palmetto Berries
Scullcap herb, cut
 Sheep Sorrel herb, cut, Organic
 Shiitake Mushrooms, dried
 Slippery elm, inner bark, powder, Organic
 Spearmint leaf, cut, Organic

Spirulina, powder, Organic

 St. John’s Wort herb, cut, Organic
 Stevia herb, powder
 Tarragon leaf, cut, Organic
 Thai Seasoning, Organic
 Thyme leaf, Organic
 Turmeric root, powder, Organic
 Uva Ursi leaf, Organic
 Valerian Root, cut Organic
 Vanilla Beans, whole, Bourbon
 Vegetable Grilling Seasoning
 Wheat Grass powder, Organic
 White Willow bark, cut, Organic
 Wild Yam root, cut, Organic
 Wormwood herb, cut, Organic
 Yarrow herb, cut, Organic
 Yellowdock root, cut
 Yerba Mate leaf, cut, Organic

Yellowdock Root

List last updated November 25, 2016