Our Switch To Paper Bags

Starting this week we have officially made the switch to paper bags, instead of the plastic reused grocery bags. Prior to this shift we were accepting plastic grocery bags from the public, but that has since ceased.

We felt as though it was time for us to make a stand on the subject. We do not agree with the “throw-away culture” that is associated with plastic bags. We encourage everyone to use reusable bags  for their grocery items.

We are offering three different sizes of paper bags for our customers to purchase if they forget to bring their own reusable bags. The small sized bag is $0.15, medium sized bag is $0.20, and the large sized bag is $0.25 (including tax).

We are also offering reusable bags that can be purchased as well, for those customers that do not already have a reusable bag.

We understand that there will be a transition period, but we will accommodate to this change the best that we can.

For those of you who in the past brought your old plastic grocery bags to the store, we encourage you to take them to one of several recycling drop off in town intended for such things. These can be located outside of large grocery stores around town.