Special Orders

Hello Mountain People!

As you may or may not be aware we accept special orders to that you can get the items that you want, at a discounted price.


Here is the thing about special orders: they are amazing! Whether you really like that Raw Revolution bar and want a whole box of them to keep on hand, or you find yourself buying pounds of oats from the bulk aisle every week, special ordering is the right option for you—especially if you are a member. Here’s why- if you are a member and you want 12 protein bars, or 5lbs of dried mango, or 25lbs of flour, or anything else we carry in the store (PLUS even more things we don’t carry) you can get 15% off! Gotta love those savings! AND you do NOT have to have a membership to special order (although for that good of a deal a lot of the times the membership pays for itself ion no time) you just have to place a small deposit (some times as little as $2). Most items that we special order for people are in the store within a week with no extra charge,