hootHoot + Howl 

Hoot + Howl is one of the local businesses featured at the Co-op.  Hoot + Howl is owned by Morgantown resident and co-op member, Stephanie.  We recently asked Stephanie to share the story of Hoot + Howl with other co-op members.

    “Throughout my life I have loved of all things crafty, vintage, and one of a kind. I started creating and collecting at a young age. The story began when I started making jewelry for friends and myself about 10 years ago, around the same time that I learned to crochet from my aunt. I immediately fell in love with both forms of creative expression and I am now constantly working on one or the other.  When I moved here from Virginia a few years ago, I was drawn to the inviting atmosphere and amazing people at the Co-op.  I have had handmade items at the Co-op ever since. The business developed into Hoot+Howl and was officially branded in late 2014 when I opened up a vintage booth on the Mileground to share more of the unique vintage pieces that I find, along with my own handmade items.H+H offers quality handmade goods at the Co-op for your home and body; with a heavy influence from nature with their rich, warm colors and natural elements. My favorite materials to use include cotton, wool, sterling silver, high quality brass and unique vintage buttons and beads. I am very passionate about living a creative life and working with my hands. I draw the majority of my own patterns and I am constantly dreaming up and experimenting with new ideas and designs. You just never know what will pop up as my newest line of creations. I love making special items and one of a kind pieces. I am always available for custom orders, colors and sizes.”

You can find Stehanie at Facebook.com/shophootandhowl.