Community Partner Focus

Community Partner Focus by Joshua Lohnes


coopThe food pantry at Scott’s Run Settlement House (SRSH) is one of the largest in Monongalia County. Located in Osage, WV they provide emergency food assistance to over 6,500 people a year. This past May, Mountain People’s began a partnership with Scott’s Run to provide bulk orders to the pantry at cost. To date SRSH has purchased 800 lbs of rice and dried beans. While they previously bought these items from Save-A-Lot, the pantry director is able to save a few cents a pound purchasing from us, which over the long run means significant savings to a tight budget. For the Co-Op this partnership furthers our mission of “food for people, not for profit”, and strengthens the development of our local economy.  On a business level, it has also helped us increase volumes from our main supplier UNFI as we work to bring down in-store prices for all our members.   25 pound bags of rice and beans are separated into 1 lb bags by volunteers at the pantry and re-distributed, along with a quick recipe, to clients on pantry days. So far feedback has been positive and clients really like it, and so do we! If you’re interested in learning more about Scott Run’s rich history, their food pantry or other programs, take a look at their webpage: