Pantry Staples Program

The Co-Op was founded 40 years ago with the primary objective of providing “healthful and nutritional foods and supplies to its members at the lowest cost consistent with sound economy and good management”

In the spirit of furthering that mission we’re happy to introduce you to our Pantry Staples Program. Tested over the past couple of months in 2013 we plan on launching this full scale in the new year bringing members low prices on basic food items such as flours, beans, pastas, dried fruits etc.

All this quality food for just $80

All this quality food for just $80

The Basics:

1. Sign up for the program with one of our cashiers.
2. Select option A (Regular) or B (Gluten Free & Vegan).
3. Pay $80 by cash, check, charge or SNAP.
4. Pick up your box the following week.
5. Save 35-40% on stocking your pantry.
6. Repeat as needed…

Option A – Regular

$55 Savings

Grains and Flour
– Field Day Whole Wheat Spaghetti – 2 x 16oz
– Flour- Unbleached Whole Wheat w/germ – 5 lbs, bulk
– Rolled Oats, OG- 5 lbs, bulk
Brown Rice
– Lundberg Eco-farmed, short grain, brown- 5 lbs, bulk
Dried Legumes/Nut Butters
– Field Day Og Crunchy Peanut Butter- 1 x 18oz jar
– Black Turtle Beans, Natural -3 lbs, bulk
– Green Lentils, Natural- 2 lbs, bulk
– Organic Valley Dry Non-fat milk – 2 x12oz packages
Dried Fruit
– Banana Chips, unsweeted- 1 lb bulk
– Raisins, seedless, Thompson, OG- 2 lbs, bulk
Vegetables Canned or Fresh
– Field Day Marinara Sauce -2 x 24oz jars
A Selection of Local/Seasonal Produce
– Quantities will vary

Option B – Gluten Free & Vegan

$42 Savings

Grains and Flour
– Brown Rice Spaghetti, OG – 2 x 12oz
– Bob’s Red Mill All-Purpose Baking Mix – 5lbs bulk
– Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Oats – 1x 32oz
Brown Rice
– Lundberg Eco-Farmed Brown Rice -5lbs bulk
Dried Legumes/ Seeds
– Flax Seeds, OG – 2lbs bulk
– Black Turtle Beans, OG -3lbs bulk
– Green Lentils, OG- 2lbs bulk
Milk Alternative
– Field Day Rice Milk, Unsweetened(3) 32oz cartons
Egg Alternative/ B Vitamin
– Nutritional Yeast1/2lb bulk
– Ener-G Egg Replacer(1) 16oz package
Dried Fruits
– Banana Chips, unsweetened1lb bulk
– Rainsins, Seedless, Thompson, OG2lbs bulk
Vegetables Canned or Fresh
– Field Day Marinara Sauce(2) 24oz jars
A Selection of Local/Seasonal Produce
– Quantities will vary


Note that we are still testing this program and would appreciate your feedback.Eventually we’d like to reach the point where members are able to choose what goes into their basket every month, on the model of a CSA. In order for that to happen we need volume and consistency. Sign up, let us know what you think and we’ll improve this new member benefit together.