From Farm to Fork

WVU’s Journalism 459 featured sources for locally-raised food on their WVU Bureau Blog.  The Co-op was featured, as was the Richwood Grill.

Buying locally doesn’t just help the local economy; it also can help you save money. In Morgantown, consumers have multiple ways to find locally grown food.

The Mountain People’s Co-Op is one store that offers local foods, and Ashley Keane, an employee of the store, said the store’s mission is to provide healthy and nutritious items to its members at the lowest possible cost. One way this is possible is because the Co-Op serves as a venue for small suppliers to sell their products. The store charges sellers a 10 percent commission fee, while most commercial stores require 40 percent of the profit.

…The store sells ingredients from local farmers and distributors.

Keane said contrary to what people might think, it’s actually cheaper to buy local foods. “That’s a huge misconception,” she said. “Most products you buy in a grocery store have fuel and packaging costs, but our products don’t have that because they’re grown so close to here. Also we buy in bulk, so that cuts down on costs too, especially when even the distributor is local.”

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